Welcome to My Website

Hopefully you've already done a first pass overview of me because choosing an agent to work for you, yes work for you, is essential towards ensuring you get the right house at the right price and under the right terms and conditions. This is probably one of the,  if the not the, biggest purchases you will make in your life .... get it done right! Now read on and see if what I believe in aligns with your thinking and gets us one step closer towards building an agency relationship. Being able to build this business relationship from a common philosophical ground can lead to good things. 


What inspired me to get into this field?



The pride and peace of having your own place is something we all want and need. Experiencing it by either leasing or owning requires being part of the real estate transfer process.  Doing It Right  with the least stress is what licensed real Estate Sales people need to do.  Guiding important decisions and commitments correctly with a salesperson’s skill, experience and access to resources produces distinguished results. That’s why the best salespeople mentor and coach during this process.


For me, having always mentored and coached colleagues and team workers complement my own personal passions in all aspects of residential ownership. I’m personally driven by getting value and paying close attention to details.  I take great pride on doing creative things to solve complex problems. Finally, I’m inspired by the professionalism of Licensed Real Estate practice. The demands on ethical behavior and competent skills leave no room for mistakes .... something that embodies a philosophy of Doing Things Right!   


What inspired me to join this company?



Houlihan Lawrence’s has it all. There a many good competing firms in Real Estate. The good ones have great technology support and resources. The better ones also have a strong affiliation network maximizing marketability. The best ones have all these but they have a team of people and leadership that achieves results, delivers the best client experience, and treats associates with respect and reward. 


Avoiding valuation pitfalls that leave you with a true peace of mind is what is involved in buying and selling which can be the best and worst experience in one's lifetime. I know that buying, selling or leasing real property for either the seasoned investor, the current homeowner facing a life's milestone change, or the excited first time home buyer can and is usually filled with stress and angst. You’re faced with many important decisions and commitments. That’s why I’m here; to help you through this very important part of your life experience. You hire someone like me to address that stress .... not add to it!



I firmly believe that satisfaction with the environment and the places you call home directly affect every aspect of your life from your personal well being to your professional career success. Getting you that satisfaction is my goal. I believe ensuring your transaction meets your personal needs with the very best value of the property being bought or sold is the ultimate measure of this satisfaction. 


So lets put these two thoughts together:

  •  getting you the best deal which meet your needs and likes


  •  doing it in the least trying way



................................................................ is a pretty good business philosophy ! I hope you'll agree